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The Good Vibe Collection

The Manifest Wealth Set

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I Am A Money Magnet! Yes Repeat It Again And As Needed Because You Are A Money Magnet & Money Comes To You Daily, Easily & Fluently Especially When You Believe, Manifest & Put In The Work When You Wear This Set! Its A Key Piece That Will Go With Pretty Much Everything In Your Closet Dressed Up Or Down As You Sprinkle Good Vibes With Style!

The Manifest Wealth Set Includes 10 Bracelets:

  • 1-Gold no tassel
  • 1-Gold with tassel
  • 1-Silver no tassel
  • 1-Silver with tassel
  • 1-Green with tassel
  • 1-Green no tassel
  • 1-Yellow with tassel
  • 1-Yellow no tassel 
  • 1-Nude with tassel 
  • 1-Nude with tassel 

    Colorful Stylish Elastic, Charms With Crystal Beaded Costume Jewelry Bracelets 

    Sizing Notes: Fits Wrist As Small As 5-1/2" in (14cm) & As Big As 9" in (23cm)

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