About Ta'sha Also Known As Stylish Eye Diva

Ta’sha Henry Also Known As Stylish Eye Diva, Is The Owner & Creator Of The Good Vibe Collection. Which Means To Spread Positive Energy With Style! Born and raised in Essex/Union County, NJ, Ta’sha always had a thing for fashion and mental wellness. She started out as a intern/assistant to Celebrity Fashion Stylist Boutique Owner Shun Melson. Then she created her own Personal Wardrobe Stylist Brand With Closet Organization, before creating The Good Vibe Collection. The Good Vibe Bracelets Were Created As A Reminder For Women To Shift Their Mindset From Negative To Positive! Not Just With The Bracelets But Through Self-Accountability And Self Care, Good Energy Is Contagious, Spread It With Style!

Ta'sha also offers Wholesale Opportunities To Other Women. She Serves To Help Them Make Money While Spreading Positive Energy With Style! 

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