Wholesale Opportunities

Interested In The Good Vibe Bracelets Wholesale Opportunities?

Ready To Spread Good Vibes and Make Money?

If You Already Have A Set Of The Good Vibe Bracelets Then You Already Experience The Compliments You Get Each Time You Wear Them!

If Not, That’s Ok You Still Can Make Money While Spreading Positive Energy With Style!

How To Decide If This Is For You:

  • If You Are A Business Owner Looking For New Pieces To Add To Your Boutique
  • If You Are A New Entrepreneur Who Needs A 1st Time Product To Sell
  • If You Just Want A Side Hustle That Makes You Extra Money

The Wholesale Order Includes:

  1. Bracelet Inventory
  2. One Time Stock Photos For Marketing Until You Create Your Own Content
  3. A Simple Cheat Sheet With Tip & More Resources To Help You 

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